Giving a facelift to a Wood MCM Tanker Desk

At the beginning of the year, I picked up this really kewl mid-century  modern all wood tanker desk by JofCo from the 1950’s.  They seriously do not make furniture like this any more! This desk has been around for a half a century, I wonder what stories it could tell us.  When I found this desk, I could see that it had good structure and bones it just needed a little facelift to make it come back to life again.

So while perusing Pinterest, I came across this lovely inspiration piece:
I love the contrast of the lights and darks.  Since Starlite Vintiqs is a Authorized Retailer of Maison Blanche Paint Company products, I has 42 colors #VintageFurniturePaintColors at my fingertips waiting to be selected for this project.  After selecting my perfect shade of white I chose Maison Blanche Paint Company Silver Mink and for a subtle blue-green contrast I selected Creme de Menthe, then to cover up any imperfections of the table top I decided to use ….

Now as you can kind of see from the picture the table top was a little rough and some of the original top coat was flaking.  So I decided to run an electric hand sander over it a few times to smooth out the rough parts to the table top and scratches through out the desk. Note, when sanding older furniture it is important to wear a face mask, goggles, and work in a well ventilated area. Back in the day, they were not as conscientious about the ingredients they put on furniture like we are today. #SafetyFirst

Now as you probably know Maison Blanche Paint Company vintage furniture paint is a no prep based paint.  I could have just cleaned it and started my project but I was eager to test out the electric sander for the first time 🙂 after I sanded it I cleaned it up with TSP Phospate Free water solution, let it dry then began painting the Table