About Us


Starlite Vintiqs was birthed from the inspiration of Proprietor, Estreitta de Kluetz. Its a realization of Estreitta’s vision of bringing together unique and vintage decorating and design ideas.  Her inspiration is evident in the selection of procured items available for purchase at Starlite Vintiqs. She had goal to ultimately create a vintage lifestyle brand company, and with lots of hard work and her entrepreneurial spirit she’s accomplished that in little over two years.

Estreitta was born on the East Coast and raised in the DFW Metroplex Area in a rural community about 35 miles northwest of Fort Worth. Growing up in the 1980’s in rural Texas away from the hustle and bustle of city life, she was greatly influenced by classic and iconic television shows like I Love Lucy, Denis the Menace, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Little House on the Prairie, The Brady Bunch and Quantum Leap to name a few. Her fascination of stories of the past grew into an appreciation of antiques and vintage items.

It had been a lifelong dream of Estreitta’s to be her own boss of vintage lifestyle company…

“I have had a deep appreciation and love for all things vintage since I was a little girl. On the weekends, my father – a regional truck driver, and my mother – a Central American immigrant homemaker, would cart me and my little brother around to flea markets and antique malls all over Texas. I was utterly mesmerized by the menagerie of antiques I saw, my love for historical items come to life. I always would wonder about the story the items would tell of a bygone era and history I didn’t get to experience.”


In June 2013, Estreitta, with her husband Erik’s encouragement and support, decided to open a vintage lifestyle company named Starlite Vintiqs. The first Starlite Vintiqs booth opened in October 2013 inside the  Mid-Cities Antique Mall in Hurst Texas. In October 2015 expanded to an additional location inside Memories N Treasures Antique Mall in Keller, TX.  In November of 2017, the Hurst booth was closed, and Starlite Vintiqs moved into a larger space in the Keller Location. In February 2019, after 17 years of trying to conceive, Estreitta learned that she was expecting their first child, Anton Mataeo. With this great news, Estreitta decided to best serve her family that it was time to close the physical locations and sell strictly online.   It been a wonderful experience and are looking  forward to many more years ahead and also promoting a #buymorevintage lifestyle!





Starlite Vintiqs is an exciting Vintage Lifestyle company that celebrates merging a vintage past with current modern design trends. Starlite Vintiqs was created to bring our customers a unique, stylish and quality vintage goods at an affordable price. The products Starlite Vintiqs offer are timeless and would look great in any room in the home like living room, bedroom, craft-room or man-cave, game-room, kitchen, office and more.  Many of our customers also love that they can use vintage items for for events like weddings and parties.  We also cater to realtors, interior decorators and design professionals that like to incorporate our vintage items for home decorating and real estate staging.

Starlite Vintiqs #buymorevintage philosophy means:

  • Everyone should own a little vintage in their life.  Regardless of means, everyone who appreciates vintage items should be able to afford it. We offer ridiculously low prices well below market value for all of our vintage items. We also have great sales throughout the year of up to 75% off the listed prices.
  • Being kind to  the earth by buying vintage items means the more we recycle, reuse, refresh the less items going to the landfill.
  • Adding more character to your life. As the old adage goes, “They don’t make them like they used to.” Vintage items are unique and make a statement in any room whether it be Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Shabby Chic, Steam Punk, or Hollywood Glam.  It’s that pop of color and clean lines that add texture and make the room inviting and comfortable.



Starlite Vintiqs carries a wide selection of vintage, upcycled, repurposed decor, housewares and furniture. As a Vintage Lifestyle company our mission is to rejuvenate life back into vintage items that still have a lot of character and history to tell. We believe in supporting local business, providing reasonably priced merchandise well below market value. We offer items from mid-century modern, industrial, retro and art deco eras ultimately offering customers an alternative and sustainable shopping experience while promoting a #buymorevintage lifestyle.

Starlite Vintiqs takes vintage decor elements and furniture beyond just being used for its functional purpose but allows the future owner to see themselves step back in time but for a moment, and then evoking those reminiscent feelings of their own past then ultimately bringing the past back into the present when they purchase this item and make it their own. The result is eclectic, expertly procured vintage items for clients who have a great appreciation of the vintage lifestyle concept.