Starlite Vintiqs is an exciting Vintage Lifestyle company that celebrates merging a vintage past with current modern design trends. Starlite Vintiqs was created to bring our customers a unique, stylish and quality vintage goods at an affordable price. The products Starlite Vintiqs offer are timeless and would look great in any room in the home like living room, bedroom, craft-room or man-cave, game-room, kitchen, office and more.  Many of our customers also love that they can use vintage items for for events like weddings and parties.  We also cater to realtors, interior decorators and design professionals that like to incorporate our vintage items for home decorating and real estate staging.

Starlite Vintiqs #buymorevintage philosophy means:

  • Everyone should own a little vintage in their life.  Regardless of means, everyone who appreciates vintage items should be able to afford it. We offer ridiculously low prices well below market value for all of our vintage items. We also have great sales throughout the year of up to 75% off the listed prices.
  • Being kind to  the earth by buying vintage items means the more we recycle, reuse, refresh the less items going to the landfill.
  • Adding more character to your life. As the old adage goes, “They don’t make them like they used to.” Vintage items are unique and make a statement in any room whether it be Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Shabby Chic, Steam Punk, or Hollywood Glam.  It’s that pop of color and clean lines that add texture and make the room inviting and comfortable