What does Vintiq [vinˈtēk] mean?

vin·tiq  /ˈvinˈtēk/

: a collectible object such as a piece of furniture, decor, housewares or work of art that is valued because of its unique characteristics due to its age or time-period in which it was created or manufactured.

The word antique technically means something that is highly valuable because of its considerable age of 100 years or more.  Most understand that what they may find in any “antique” mall is a variety of items from the 90’s to 13th century.  Most of the items we purchase for resale come from the 50’s to the 90’s that would or could be best defined as vintage rather than antique.  But we also like to find unusual and unique vintage items.

So when I was thinking of what to name my new venture, I decided to combine the words: vintage, antique, and unique to make the word Vintiq.  Most of the time you will see it spelled vintique but if you know me, you would know that I don’t always like to spell words like everyone else. For instance I use kewl instead of cool, cause I think cool just looks boring, so about 15 years ago I started writing kewl and it stuck.

I define vintique as an object that is 20 years old or more. To me, it’s a more accurate term for the merchandise customers will find in our booth.