Giving a facelift to a Wood MCM Tanker Desk

At the beginning of the year, I picked up this really kewl mid-century  modern all wood tanker desk by JofCo from the 1950’s.  They seriously do not make furniture like this any more! This desk has been around for a half a century, I wonder what stories it could tell us.  When I found this desk, I could see that it had good structure and bones it just needed a little facelift to make it come back to life again.

So while perusing Pinterest, I came across this lovely inspiration piece:
I love the contrast of the lights and darks.  Since Starlite Vintiqs is a Authorized Retailer of Maison Blanche Paint Company products, I has 42 colors #VintageFurniturePaintColors at my fingertips waiting to be selected for this project.  After selecting my perfect shade of white I chose Maison Blanche Paint Company Silver Mink and for a subtle blue-green contrast I selected Creme de Menthe, then to cover up any imperfections of the table top I decided to use ….

Now as you can kind of see from the picture the table top was a little rough and some of the original top coat was flaking.  So I decided to run an electric hand sander over it a few times to smooth out the rough parts to the table top and scratches through out the desk. Note, when sanding older furniture it is important to wear a face mask, goggles, and work in a well ventilated area. Back in the day, they were not as conscientious about the ingredients they put on furniture like we are today. #SafetyFirst

Now as you probably know Maison Blanche Paint Company vintage furniture paint is a no prep based paint.  I could have just cleaned it and started my project but I was eager to test out the electric sander for the first time 🙂 after I sanded it I cleaned it up with TSP Phospate Free water solution, let it dry then began painting the Table


Introducing Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint at our Keller Location


Starlite Vintiqs is excited to announce that we are expanding & opening an additional Starlite Vintiqs location in Keller, Texas at the Memories N’ Treasures Antique Mall! We will have all the Fabulous Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint Products Available for Purchase and ready for your next project!

Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture at Statlite Vintiqs in Keller, Texas

We are so EXCITED that Starlite Vintiqs is introducing  Maison Blanche Paint Company – Vintage Furniture Paint Product Line at the Memories N’ Treasures Antique Mall.

How we chose MaisON Blanche

So the paint vendor at our Hurst Antique Mall location had moved out of the mall right before the new year in 2014 and so I saw this as an opportunity to do some due diligence and find a product that I could  sell at Starlite Vintiqs.  We scoured the nation to find a furniture paint that we would be proud market and recommend to our customers.  We got paints from Canada, Alabama, California and several from Texas.

After discovering the crazy amount of money it costs to ship paint, we decided that we wanted a furniture paint that met the following criteria:

  • Texas-based company

  • Great Price Point for consumer

  • Ease of Use 

  • Quality of product

After we got most the samples in, I asked my friend Melissa Cheuvront who always loves to go along with me on these intriguing adventures I get myself into, ever since I started Starlite Vintiqs in October 2013, to go with me to meet a local paint company.  Melissa thought we were going to drive to the middle of nowhere Texas like we usually do, but we actually were only going minutes away from my house.

We met with Annie Omar, the owner & creator of Maison Blanche Paint Company.  She had just wrapped up filming a tutorial video that would be released at a later date on Maison Blanche YouTube Channel.  Annie told us her story of how she started Maison Blanche and how she had several years of painting experience painting interiors of those affluent clients in Southlake & Colleyville.  We discovered we had a mutual connection with the founding owner of my husband’s company (which I knew would be a major plus in his book).

Annie gave us a tour of the offices and warehouse.  She gave us a few samples.  Melissa and I were so excited when we left we went back to my house and tested out the paint.  It was so creamy and it literally went on the furniture pieces just “like butta”!  We were both in love with this paint and were coming up with all the possibilities of not just projects we wanted to work on but also how Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint would be a great addition to my Vintage Lifestyle Company.  It didn’t take long to get my husband on board when he tested out the paint, saw all the training videos and how everything just popped with the paint.

Maison Blanche Paint company has 42 beautiful Vintage Paint colors.  I am looking forward to painting many more projects with it!


We had hoped to carry the paint at our Hurst location but they already had a furniture paint company in the mall.  So after talking with some of my friends I found out about this adorable Antique Mall just off of Pecan & Main street in Keller. I am so looking forward to this expansion and lots of great things ahead for Starlite Vintiqs.

#buymorevintage #paintmoreVintage


Dreams of Gothic Chairs


When I picked up these awesome gothic chairs about year ago at an auction, when i bought them I had such vision for them but there was some elbow grease needed for these chairs but add that to a list of a plethora of a million other projects I want to do plus continually update our Starlite Vintiqs booth on a regular basis –  which means doing inventory researching to find the best prices for our customers and then posting sharing and marketing on Offerup & Craigslist Facebook & Twitter then being a wife to my amazing hubby, I just haven’t found the time. 🙁


Black Gothic Chairs


The hubby has been asking what I was going to do with these because we just don’t have the space for them in our 2100 sft home and 10 x 10 shed and every other nook and cranny, I have so much inventory waiting to go out on the floor.  I keep meaning to put on Craigslist too but needed to take pictures.

Black Gothic Chairs

So two days ago I was in my booth at the Mid-Cities Antique Mall when a 20-something woman was looking around my booth. I asked her if  she was looking for anything in particular. She said she was looking for some dining So I told her about these chairs and said to msg me on my Facebook page.  So I received her msg.  Now it was motivation to get pictures taken.  So I got them out of storage and cleaned them up.  Then sent her the pictures.  I’m waiting to see if she is still interested in these Black Vinyl Wooden Chairs with brass studs on chair back!

Black Gothic Chairs

There are some minor repairs needed just need some diy know-how to make these beautiful again! There are a few minor scratches & scuffs to the vinyl but I think that gives it way more character! They are Super kewl chairs with a Gothic flair to them. There are no labels but from the wood work I’d say these are mid 60’s era.  The 4 standard chairs are 34″ x 17″ x 18″ and the Captain chair is 34″ x 24″ x 19″.

################UPDATE######### —> These Chairs sold



Black Gothic Chairs 



Black Gothic Chairs  

Here’s  the slide show where you can see pictures full screen and in detail

Created with flickr slideshow.